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G7 Summit Commemorative VIP Tour: a luxurious, tailor made tour with a local guide

Area: Mie
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The Ise-shima National Park is blessed with abundant nature and is one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

In this national park, especially on Kashikojima Island, you will find distinctive traditions and ancient culture. Kashikojima Island is surrounded by a unique complex of inlets and has been inhabited since ancient days. It is a remote island accessed only by two bridges. This characteristic is the key to high quality security for visitors.

For this reason, one of the hotels on Kashikojima Island has been loved by VIPs and the Imperial family.

In May 2016, the G7 summit meetings were held in Kashikojima and world leaders stayed at this famous Kashikojima hotel. They enjoyed the hotel's delicious cuisine and the island's inspiring scenery.

Your guide will coordinate a tailor made tour for you by collaborating with a land operated tour agency and the local people.

You can visit unique island spots and enjoy rare experiences by using an exclusively charted boat, a car, or even a helicopter, if you wish.

Please freely ask us your questions and we will happily plan your island tour.

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Extra fees paid on the spot

$246.28 - $282.77



Recommended length of visit

7-8 hours (depending on the itinerary)

Included in extra fees paid on the spot

1) Ama hut experience (including lunch) & Local street strolling tour with a real island resident(s)…5500JPY – 10000JPY/person (depending on the season, menu you select and the number of persons)
2) Admission fee of Mikimoto Pearl Island: 1500JPY/person
3) Chartered boat (20,000JPY; depending on the boat type and cruising hours)

Not included in extra fees paid on the spot

1) Transportation costs of the visitor(s) to go to the meeting place
2) Transportation costs of the guide to go to the meeting place
3) Other options costs except as mentioned above
4) Chartered car cost


1) In the case this tour can’t be conducted due to bad weather condition or other reason, the guide or the tour agent (land operator) will suggest other recommended sightseeing spots.

2) There are many other options provided by local guides and the English guide. Please ask us for any other options and the details of this tour.

3) The price of this tour includes:
   the guide fee
   the transportation fee of the guide to go to the meeting place
   the tour coordination fee

4) Other expenses
   The chartered car fee
   (This fee varies depending on the itinerary, duration and other conditions. Please feel free to ask the inquiry about this tour.)

Recommended length of visit

7-8 hours (depending on the itinerary)

Travel time from nearest major city

Access by train to Toba

1) From Tokyo
Tokyo -(JR Shinkansen Nozomi: Approx.1 hour 41min) – Nagoya - (Kintetsu Limited Express :2 hr 6 min)-Ugata

2) From Nagoya
Nagoya-(Kintetsu Limited Express :2 hr 6 min)-Ugata

3) From Osaka
Osaka-Namba - (Kintetsu Limited Express: 2 hr 23 min) – Ugata

4) From Kyoto
Kyoto - (Transit at Yagi)(Kintetsu Limited Express: 2 hr 43 min) – Ugata

Recommended starting time

1) It is recommended to meet at the meeting place AM9:00-9:30 so that you can enjoy as many spots as you can.

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