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Nostalgic Remote Island of Fishermen & Ama divers (A Fully guided & exclusively coordinated tour)

Area: Mie
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Toshi-jima island is a rare place where distinctive traditions, cultures and myths are still alive.

This small island tour is filled with a lot of attractions; Ama (female) diver's hut experience, Fishing, Local street strolling, Historical spot walk, Night sea walk to see “umi-hotaru,” or sea firefly (Cypridina hilgendorfii), Spiritual spot visit etc.

The local guide the English guide will arrange your itinerary exclusively to meet the guest’s preferences.
(*This tour is exclusively arranged for the visitors. So an option of “Standard” is not available.)

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Extra fees paid on the spot

$60.83 - $124.77



Recommended length of visit

7-8 hours (depending on the itinerary)

Included in extra fees paid on the spot

1) Boat fare (Round-trip ticket) per person: 1080JPY
2) Boat fare (Round-trip ticket) for the guide: 1080JPY
3) Ama hut experience (including lunch)…3000JPY – 10000JPY (depending on the season and menu you select)
5) Local street strolling guided by island resident(s)…1500JPY/person

The total cost shown above is one example including Ama hut experience and Local street strolling. There are many other options provided by local guides and the English guide. Please ask us for any other options and the details of this tour.

Not included in extra fees paid on the spot

1) Transportation costs of the visitor(s) to go to Toba
2) Other options except as mentioned above


1) Seeing a fish auction
- Admission: Free
(Please give your name at the reception desk.)
- Time: Main auction at PM12:30
(The number of times of auctions is 3 – 4 times per day, depending on the fishing conditions
- Closed: Alternate Saturday

2) In the case this tour can’t be conducted due to bad weather condition, the guide or tour agent (land operator) will suggest other recommended sightseeing spots.

*The price of this tour includes the guide fee and the transportation fee of the guide to go to the meeting place.

Recommended length of visit

7-8 hours (depending on the itinerary)

Travel time from nearest major city

Access by train to Toba

1) From Tokyo
Tokyo -(JR Shinkansen Nozomi Approx.1 hour 41min) – Nagoya - (Kintetsu Limited Express :1 hr 30 min)-Toba

2) From Nagoya
Nagoya-(Kintetsu Limited Express: 1 hr 30 min) – Toba

3) From Osaka
Osaka - (Kintetsu Limited Express: 2 hr) – Toba

4) From Kyoto
Kyoto - (Transit at Yagi)(Kintetsu Limited Express: 2 hr 23 min) – Toba

The tour cost is depending on the options selected by the guest.

Recommended starting time

This tour is available in any seasons, but it is recommended to start in the morning.

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$ 474.95~




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A special gourmet meal of local fresh sea food
The highlight was a special gourmet meal of local fresh seafood, including live Ise-ebi (Japanese lobster) broiled on charcoal fire, prepared by an ama-san (deep diving fishing lady) in her own beach-side cottage. During the meal the ama-san and I had an interesting conversation about the history of the island. In this tiny island (2.7 sq mile, population 3000) there are three tribal cultures with different customs for fishing, holidays, for food (eating sea turtle or not), and wedding (no inter-tribal marriage), dividing the island into three fishing villages for the past 1000 years. We compared this rivalry with similar tribalism existing between Koreans/Japanese, Kanto/Kansai, and Spanish/Portugese.
Don't miss it,or you will lose special experience!
This island is very convienient to access from the nearest station. People in this island are fishermen and Women divers who hunt sea food. I could experience very unique toure. When I attend a customized tour, I had special lunch Woman diver cooked seafood in front of me and I could take fishman’s boat. It was awesome that I could know the life and food here through guide.


$ 474.95~


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